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GPCR Suction packing machine

This automatic packing machine is newly researched and developed in order to adapt to the characteristics of domestic manufacturers on the basis of combining features of packing machines made domestically and abroad. It can be applied widely, with small floor space, which could either be used separately or used along with front-end heat shrinkable packaging machine cellophane wrapping machine and others by connecting online, to complete following procedures in packing production line. According to the requirements of product packing quantity, the machine can pack various rectangular products such as boxes or bags and push them into the box horizontally. The filled products can automatically move to conveying drum and automatically enter the unmanned production line (such as the following unmanned packaging assembly line, unmanned packaging assembly line, etc.).With advanced design, compact structure, convenient use, reliable operation, it can effectively ensure the quality of products, therefore, production efficiency is improved and the labor intensity is reduced.

Product feature

The work program is controlled automatically by PLC program without manual intervention. The product arrangement shall be determined according to the user's requirements. And the products shall be arranged and pushed into the carton by the pneumatic alignment mechanism. It is suitable for full automatic packing for bag, box and column. And it can produce according to customer non - standard design.

Scope of application

It is widely used in medicine, food, daily chemicals and other light industries

Technical parameters

Power supply: 380V three-phase ac, 50 hz, consumption power of about 0.2 kw;

Overall dimensions (length width height) : 2200*2150*1900 mm;

Production capacity: maximum 120 boxes/hour;

Gas consumption: < 30 m3 / h;

Packing material: corrugated carton;

Work noise: < 85 decibels.