Last night, I went to go see the Kendrick Lamar / Kanye West concert at the ACC. Bought tickets when they went on sale, sold them (couldn’t make the original date), bought new, better (lower bowl, still not MINDBLOWING but I was happy) ones on Stubhub for a killer deal just before the shows were postponed. Get to the gate.. REJECTED.

The girl asked for a refund when the rescheduling happening, but still went through with the sale. My heart sunk…

Except for the fact that Stubhub is FREAKING AWESOME. Within 10 minutes of me calling them, they got me new tickets in the VIP General Admission section. Ended up right next to the stage. And it was genuinely one of the best shows I’ve ever been to.

So, big thumbs up to Stubhub (TIMES A BILLION), Kanye, Kendrick, and even Drake (!!), who showed up for two songs. A+ night to say the least.

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