Leftovers Leftovers

Also, I kept notes by the minute, here’s some stuff that doesn’t repeat what was said in the player notes

First Period

  • 20:00: I don’t like Lake Erie.
  • 14:00: Lake Erie is putting on serious powerplay pressure
  • 12:00: Lake Erie playing possessive on second powerplay, not shooting. Marlies clears are strong when they get the chance
  • 2:00: Marlies have powerplay. Lots of puck dispersal but no shots. Lake Erie PK not making it easy

Second Period

  • 18:00: No shots on rest of powerplay
  • 9:00: I wonder if this powerplay will be different
  • 8:00: Monsters blocking shots, still too much distribution
  • 5:00: Maybe this powerplay?
  • 4:00: Man, that sequence by Gardiner was rough
  • 3:00: Jesse Blacker probably hates himself right now

Third Period

  • 18:00: Paul Ranger has a keen eye for passing options
  • 17:00: Ashton with Zigomanis and Ryan. Line shakeup?
  • 15:00: Attendance is 7144. Good crowd.
  • 14:00: First line is back together, line shuffle must have been temporary
  • 13:00: Walker scores for LE. Monsters were allowed to charge in and swarm MacIntyre
  • 2:00: Pickard leaves the net at 1:24
  • 1:00: Looks like D’Amigo-Acton-Zigomanis-Yeo-Ranger is the shutdown crew
  • 0:00: And I see why. All block everything. Game over.

Powerplay Lines

PP1: Zigomanis-Colborne-Hamilton Ranger-Gardiner.
PP2: lolwut

Penalty Kill Lines

PK1: Scott-Ashton, Yeo-Gysbers
PK2: Zigomanis-D’Amigo, Blacker-Ranger

Ryan Hamilton used as PK 5th forward to give units room to breathe

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