Because I wasn’t tweeting or anything, I took a different method to the game today. Called sitting there and watching it all! Laugh now, but it’s amazing how much more focused you are when the computer isn’t just staring at you and you can take notes. Here’s the left over notes that formed my post game.

Ryan Hamilton

- Breakaway in opening minute, but fans on shot
- Is frequently finding himself in ‘launchpad positions’

Will Acton

- Very consistent defensively tonight, always in strong position

Kenny Ryan

- Playing very chippy and is quite talkative, throwing players off game

Mike Zigomanis

- Takes penalty for crashing Calvin Pickard, who is slow to get up
- Drop pass after zone entry made no sense, turned into give away
- Wicked backhand for opening goal, seems to just be throwing on net with good result

Joe Colborne

- Takes hooking minor right after penalty kill at centre ice, lazy effort to take away puck
- Good awareness to get to the front of the net for goal.
- Great read to find a pinching Paul Ranger for a scoring chance

Carter Ashton

- Very nice splitting of defencemen, adds shot on net in late third period

Greg Scott

- Heavy penalty kill minutes, as usual
- Slapshot from the hashmarks/slot border hits post

Tim Connolly

- Drops gloves when a goal could have been obtained
- Did ultimately draw powerplay thanks to being cross checked
- Over passing on powerplay

Nicolas Deschamps

- Great display of hands, but blind cross crease pass goes to nobody and leads to turnover

Jerry D’Amigo

- Man up front in last minute shutdown group with Acton, Zigomanis

Brad Ross

- Bowled over Drew MacIntyre with over-enthusiastic attempt to backcheck

Paul Ranger

- Looks calm and collected, is getting into correct spots
- Very strong, smart pinch to take in Colborne’s pass, but didn’t finish

Jesse Blacker

- Great puck protection while pinching to maintain posession
- Missed wide open net with attempt to go backhand
- Lost track of puck while pinning Lake Erie forward after poking it out

Simon Gysbers

- Great eye to catch Ryan Hamilton, even if the stretch pass did miss him
- Wicked sprawl and slide to close a Lake Erie rush

Jake Gardiner

- Breaks stick, gets new one, takes shot, goes way wide, goes back to defensive zone, blocks shot, breaks new stick. Two minutes!
- Shyness behind net is now confidence
- Overly confident on attempted pass to Colborne, took too much time and passed weakly, leading to interception. Undressed by LE forward afterwards

Ryan Grimshaw

- Attempted drop pass to Jake Gardiner behind net to break out, but didn’t communicate and Jake missed it
- First point as a Marlie

Drew MacIntyre

- No amazing saves, but playing very solid at 20 save point
- Positioning is looking effortless
- I wonder if his new equipment is broken in yet

Jussi Rynnas

- Is sitting on the bench, has Finnish swag

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