So You Don’t Like Daugavins’ Move..


A lot of talk around the internet about Kaspars Daugavins’ shootout move tonight (which you can see here) being “disrespectful”. Everybody from your average fan, to media members, to the Bruins’ David Krejci have come to rip him for it. Consider the following before you join this bandwagon:

  • Daugavins has used this move before in an AHL game. Guess what - he scored.
  • With that evidence, you can safely assume that Daugavins is comfortable enough with the move to think he has a chance to score every time he tries it.
  • If it has the ability to throw off a goalie, he’s doing a disservice to his team by not using a shot just because it’s considered a “trick shot”. You’re supposed to do what you feel is the most likely legal move to work at any given time.
  • He didn’t embarrass himself. The puck never came loose, he succeeded to get the shot off, and nearly did beat Tuukka Rask.
  • Speaking of embarassment - how does this in any way embarass the sport of hockey? It’s a method of putting a puck into a net, using a stick. If anything, its a spinorama that once learned, has a higher retention of the puck.
  • Even if a move was a bit more out there (say, Rob Schremp’s skills competition work) - it still doesn’t kill the spirit of the game as long as it stays within the rules. If someone doesn’t like it, they should break up your play.

Look, fact of the matter is this - Kaspars Daugavins has obviously spent a lot of time practicing a modified spinorama. He’s become very comfortable with it, has scored it at the AHL level, and tonight, almost scored again.

He did what he could to give his team the opportunity to win, not because he wanted to show off, but because it was what he felt would succeed.

If you feel like trying to win hockey games isn’t part of the game of hockey, then you’re watching the wrong sport.

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    *shrug* I hate the normal spinoramas too, so I just lump this in with them
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    I’d say he did actually beat Rask. Rask benefitted from being very tall, but had he been even a couple of inches...
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    It was EPIC!
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    i thought it was badass. you have to be so confident to handle the puck like that. and it looked fucking fun i expect...
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