The Ice Bucket Challenge

My Ice Bucket Challenge video, conveniently placed in a blog post about the Ice Bucket Challenge

My Ice Bucket ChallengeMy Ice Bucket Challenge

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It took me a few days after my first challenge, but I finally got it done. Above is my ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video! Now, let’s talk about this thing for a few minutes.

What the heck is it?

The Ice Bucket Challenge has found its way across all forms of social media in the past couple of weeks. In short; you dump a…

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The ‘Special’ Team

I set on a mission to make a cap-compliant, good on paper team, with a secret talent to make them great. My ramblings:


Quite often, I get asked what my ideal hockey team would look like. That’s a hard question to answer; do you just grab the 22 consensus best players in hockey and call it a roster? Do you pick your favourite players? Do you drop yourself on a line with Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin and reap the benefits? There’s a lot of different ways to approach this. I wanted to have some fun and think…

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